Easy Ways to Keep Breast Health

Breast cancer can affect anyone regardless of age, class, or gender. Breast cancer ranks second only to cervical cancer among cancer that strikes women.

The sooner we can detect cervical cancer, the better the hope of his recovery. Similarly with breast cancer. Therefore, do not hesitate to do the examination as early as possible. Prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, try to identify and understand your breasts. Are your breasts healthy? To find out, there are several ways to perform the existence of breast cancer.

You can do a Breast Self-Examination (aware). You do not pay to be aware of. Only by sacrificing a little time, you can maintain your breast health. According to dr. Rudy was quoted as saying klikdokter Nugroho, notice can be started any age but is highly recommended if your age is over 20 years, at least once a month, performed at day 7 to day 10 from the beginning of menstruation, or 3 days after menstruation stops.

Here are some simple guidelines to realize:

Step 1
In front of the mirror, see if both breasts symmetrical. Notice if there is something unusual, such as changes in shape, change color or form other than normal.

Then consider whether there are changes in the nipple, the wrinkles, the nipple that goes into or exfoliation. Then raise both arms upward, watching whether both breasts symmetrical.

Use left hand to examine the right breast in a way felt it and vice versa. Raise your right hand, use three or four fingers left hand to feel the right breast with a meticulous and thorough.

Starting from the outer edge, press with the fingers in small circular movements, moving slowly around the breast. You can start at the end of the breast and slowly move toward the nipple, or vice versa. Noteworthy is touching all parts of the breast, including the underarm area. Then, press your hands firmly on hips and slightly bent to the front of the mirror when you pull back and elbows forward.

Step 2
Feel the changes in the way of lying. Put a small pillow under your right shoulder, right arm under his head. Check the right breast with his left hand with fingers flatten horizontally to feel a lump. Check also folds her arms, the outer limits of the breast, and to the whole breast.

Step 3
Watch for signs of bleeding or discharge from the nipple. The trick to squeeze the nipple and see if there is fluid or blood that comes out.

Step 4
Repeat the steps above to memeriksan left breast. If you find a discrepancy, immediately consult a doctor. Take steps aware of with regular once a month. By knowing the symptoms as early as possible, most likely breast cancer is curable.

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